Fly Casting

A Much Needed Update

Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Fly Casting | 0 comments

It’s been quite a length of time since I last posted here. My excuse is I was incredibly busy, work and practice schedules never seem to leave you with any free time! My last post was about me having a lesson with Andrew Toft on single handed spey casting and the subsequent practice. That lead into more blood sweat and tears on the practice front, I was out at least twice a day, one session on the river and one in the park! At the same time in the evenings I was answering questions to help develop my knowledge on Sexyloops and not to mention my other work, suffice to say that I was done...

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Lessons and Practice (Again!)

Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in Fly Casting | 0 comments

It’s an already recurring theme but in the run up to my casting assessment I think most of my posts are going to contain at least some reference to practice! On Saturday I met Andrew Toft, the main focus being single handed spey casting but it delved a wee bit further into other aspects of the syllabus. By the end of it I was conjuring some mediocre single and double speys on grass but now knew the exact motions to go through. The end of the lesson ended up talking about the 75′ cast and smoothness. Andrew got me using a much reduced casting arc and really smoothing things out...

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Posted by on Jan 28, 2010 in Fly Casting | 0 comments

The last few days have seen me down the park practicing accuracy. I read an article by Bruce Richards on fun ways to practice and he uses multiple paper plates as targets in different locations and patterns. I just used a backpack, rod case and reel cases as targets. You then just start with the fly in your hand each time and cast to the targets. I cast at all targets and then moved to a different spot and did the same again. It really helps honing distance judgements and the aim itself. I’m certainly having fun with this practice. I’ve been asking the guys on sexyloops to help...

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A small thaw

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Yesterday saw another meeting of the glasgow casting club, it wasn’t the greatest day but none the less I’m sure some people learned something. The main problem at the moment is the water is still half covered in ice so the space for casting on water is relatively limited. I did my first casting demonstration – this was on the foundation casting stroke. It was focussed on trying to develop a sound, more efficient, pulling stroke amongst the members. Most suffer from throwing the arm forward, fully extended and applying too much power. It’s a work in progress. It also...

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Orvis Hydros vs Helios Review

Posted by on Jan 24, 2010 in Fly Casting | 10 comments

The Orvis Hydros is Orvis’ latest addition to their rod range. It is meant to be the same blank but with cheaper components; the guides and the reelseat. The rod of each range that was tested was the 9′ #5 tip flex. The rods were tested with a variety of lines namely, Snowbee XS, Rio Gold and SA Mastery Distance. There is a difference, a big difference. The review is based on the opinion of three seperate casters casting both rods on water and then in the field against a tape. On water both rods are very good, in fact dammed difficult to tell anything between them. I mean a...

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New Purchases

Posted by on Jan 22, 2010 in Fly Casting, Fly Fishing | 0 comments

I’ve been looking for a new rod for quite some time and I have tried a fair old selection of them. The rod of choice I was looking for was a 9′ #5 with a fast action. After trying a fair selection the choice was narrowed down to the Sage TCR and Orvis Helios both of which are cracking rods but the Orvis just edged it in the terms of fish-a-bility. In terms of sheer casting performance, the TCR is quite the rod but it’s just a  bit too much work for fishing situations in my opinion. Orvis have introduced a new rod to their current line up, it’s called the Hydros....

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