About Us

The Fly Commission was created primarily as a blog outlet for me to document fishing exploits but it has quickly evolved into a larger network of everything fly fishing. The blog is still our core offering but new photography updates and our increase in film making projects promise to keep adding even more new and exciting content.

Our tagline “Imagine. Explore. Succeed.” is the philosophy I try to approach fishing with. You first need to think outside the box, it could be targeting a species with a fly that no-one else does, thinking of an unusual destination or even trying flies that others would laugh at. Imagining something different and letting your mind run wild in the fishing world is what opens the door to possibility. Once possibility exists the last ingredient is a bit of get up and go to explore and turn imagination into reality and whilst sometimes we’ll hit a hurdle or two, it will eventually pay off and you might just stumble upon some of the best trips of your life.

On the personal front I am a casting instructor with the fish bum thought train which keeps me travelling around and fishing everywhere I can. I love nothing more than exploring the unknown as the excitement of what you might find is truly addictive. Traveling and fishing my way around has let me meet some fantastic people and left me with lasting friends in various different countries. Fly fishing has a great way of bringing like minded people together and I can’t wait to find out what tomorrow’s trip might hold for me. If you fancy fishing just drop me a line and we’ll work something out.