Sexyloops Scottish Meet 2014 (in Spain!)

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This year the Sexyloops annual Scottish meet was naturally held in Spain. This was for one obvious reason – Spain is of course part of Scotland. Now that we’ve cleared that up, suffice to say the weather was glorious which was the real reason for moving to Spain.

There’s not too much I can tell you about this meet as I ended up not fishing at all for various reasons 1) getting out of bed too late, (read as 4pm) and 2) wanting to be involved with the ongoings on the casting field. We had the obligatory shootout, some demos, some general casting banter and lots of beer. I did manage to win a rod in the shootout but that’s only because Paul couldn’t take home his own donation, I feel slightly cheeky having a prize for second place but I’m very pleased with it. In true Sexyloops fashion the rod comes complete with socks as tiers.


I got properly introduced to the ST27 event as well which is essentially a 27g floating head which you can customise all you want and use any rod you wish – I think this will become a lot of fun to play with. When I get the time to do so…

I think I’ll just allow the pictures to do the talking as the meet can be summed up as a really fun catch up with old friends and a great time meeting new ones. Marc also has a write up and some photos here.

Mark and Lee on a beginner’s session

Carlos showing us the Spanish way

Paul talking about the virtues of socks, I think

The Sexyloops lightweight rod rack

Lee, James and Craig ready for the shootout

Craig just happy to be on the river!

It was really nice to meet the guys in Spain too, some of which I’ve conversed with through Sexyloops for years so it was great to finally meet. In particular it was nice to meet Aitor, I’m sure I shouldn’t need to explain much more if you are a ‘loops follower. And last but not least check out some of the amazing fly tying work from Joaquín L. Quintás.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by one and all

  2. Glad to see that at least one guy noticed that I attended the meeting! :-)


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