Trout in the City

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The last few months have all been based around skiing in my free time, I’ve been in France a couple times and in Scotland a lot enjoying record snow conditions. The skiing season was sublime but now that the warmer conditions have arrived fishing is back on the menu.

Nevis Range Summit

I’d hoped to get out for some spring pike action but that didn’t materialise in the end. Living in London you’re fishing options are rather limited unless you are willing to travel so the first port of call for any adventurous fly fishing should be to explore the waterways that most people would scoff at and that’s exactly what I did yesterday. I took the bike out, followed a waterway for a few miles and was eventually rewarded by finding four or five trout, three of which were pushing as very large for the size of the water. Yes! I was delighted to have uncovered this little gem in the heart of a built up city. The best news of all however was that the fish were incredibly spooky and I didn’t see an angler all day. I didn’t have a rod with me but I’ll certainly be going back! Spooky fish are great, it means they’ll be challenging and lets face it a challenging fish is a far more worthy adversary.

Here’s a little video I took!


  1. Those’ll keep you entertained for a bit Scott.
    Let us know how you get on please…………….Brian.

    • I will do of course! I’m going to be incredibly busy over the next while so not sure when I’ll get to play, I did order a 6′ rod which arrives this week though… ach who am I kidding, give me a week or two (away to Spain for a few days at end of week) and I’ll hopefully have something to report!

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