NZ 2013: A Dry Fly Short

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New Zealand 2013: A Dry Fly Short from The Fly Commission on Vimeo.

The first Fly Commission production has finally been completed and uploaded to the web. It’s roughy 6 minutes of superb dry fly action from New Zealand’s South Island. Please let me know what you think as there are plans a foot for many more films in the future. If you were following the on-the-road reports a few months ago you’ll already know the stories that go along with the film but just in case you missed them here’s the links:


  1. Nice video Scott, some cracking fish in some stunning locations. Have kept an eye on your blog since my casting lesson a year or so ago, and have really enjoyed reading about your trip – inspiring stuff!

    • Hi Craig, great to hear from you! How’s your own fishing been going? Thanks for the kind words, it’s been a very fun few months, insane amount of fishing, great banter travelling and lots of good memories. We should get out fishing some time, said we’d think about it back then as part of a lesson but why don’t we just head out for a chuck on a river this summer sometime?

  2. Hi Scott,

    My fishing has been good thanks. I had a good time last season learning a bit about river fishing on the Kelvin, and have managed to keep that going into this year. I’m just back from a week in South Uist as well so keeping my hand in there. Definitely keen for getting out on the river whenever you are able – that’d be a good laugh. You’ll have my e-mail from the comments? Give me a shout!

    • Sweet, I’ll drop you a line in a couple of weeks as I’m pretty busy till then. Look forward to hearing all about South Uist too!


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