And we’re back up and running!

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After a long grueling summer and autumn (fall for my American friends) with limited fishing opportunities, The Fly Commission is back! Finally I’ve returned to the Southern Hemisphere! It’s warm, it topped 40 degrees centigrade the other day, it’s sunny and there’s plenty of fish waiting to hammer a fly. I’m writing this blog post from Melbourne, Australia where I’m waiting on my friend Brian for a lift. Brian’s organising a four day trip for us North of here and has promised a never ending supply of hungry carp and murray cod. I’ve never fished here in Victoria before nor fished for these species so it’s completely new and I can’t bloody wait!

Keep your eyes posted for lots of trip reports, photos and videos (although the editing may take some time).

Carp and Murray Cod… bring it on!


  1. Hi Scott,
    Good luck with the cod and carp.
    I always fancied a trip up to some of the big lakes in Victoria……..Jindabyne and the like.
    I hear there’s some large Troot in those places.
    Hope you enjoy your trip mate.


    • Cheers Brian, was really good fun! New blog post with pics just about to go up. We fished Hume for the carp, they’re everywhere!

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