Fish, Camera, Action!

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I was fishing the Lake of Menteith at the weekend and took the 7d on it’s maiden voyage so to speak. Its first time on a fishing trip and first time in a boat and most impressively it lives to tell the tale! I have a bad record with cameras and water…

The main message I’ve had drilled into me by others about fishing photography is that you must be prepared not to fish. You can’t fish all day and expect to capture great shots but as long as you’re ok with that it really is quite refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to down the rod and do something else rather than either flogging away casting or sitting down nothing. If you think about it, casting all day from a boat is a lot of repition.

┬áThe fishing was probably the best I have witnessed in the 4 years or so I have fished it (that only adds up to 4 times though!) First thing in the morning there wasn’t a breath of wind on the water and fish were showing themselves all around. We ended up with three fish in the boat by lunchtime on a variety of small nymphs and horrible blobs. The boats around us appeared to do rather well also with some nice catches. I had two fish; 3.25lb and 1.25lb but I don’t really like to get into the nitty gritty of weights when talking about stocked fish, it’s a bit of artifical gratification although I will say they were in very good condition for fishery fish.

Anyway enough of the narrative, let’s get to the action shots!

Glassy Calm




Andrew Casting

Grey Heron

Sunset at Lake of Menteith

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