Fly fishing is a joke

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One of my favourite haunts on the net when I get a moment of fishbum surfing time is to meander my way around the Vimeo fly fishing channel. It features everything from short artistic films to pre-release DVD trailers and adventures from little streams to the open ocean. One video really caught my eye this week, mainly due to the title “Fly fishing is a joke”. I was expecting a spoof, a comic injection but what I found delivered a lot more; a film maker’s view on what fly fishing is to him. It is a refreshing approach narrated from the perspective of watching rather than doing which captures the real essence of what fly fishing is all about. I won’t give much more away at the moment so give it a watch and let me know what you think.

This to my mind is the single best film I have watched on the subject of fly fishing itself. Thanks Henry!

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