Back in business (Part 1)

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The summer here has been abysmal by anyone’s standards. For the past month or so, perhaps more, I can’t remember a single day where there hasn’t been any rain. The weather boffins from the Met Office tell us that it’s because the Jet Stream has been sitting too far South but that it should soon be moving and bringing us some better weather. Fingers crossed eh?!

The weather along with other commitments and work has meant my fishing time has been hugely curtailed. I’ve only been out a couple times during my blogging absence but when I’ve been out things have been pretty good.

We did an exploratory trout trip to a remote location where we encountered wonderful fishing. The weather was phenomenal (this was an old trip from before the crappy summer!) so it meant only evening fishing. The fishing was electric, big trout rising just about everywhere. Between the group we landed fish everywhere from 1/2lb to 4lb with lots of good fish in between. There isn’t any way the location will be divulged however, some things are just not appropriate to be posted on the world wide web. It’s worth bearing that in mind when posting fishing reports, only post locations if you’ll be happy with lots of folk descending on your favourite spots and if the fish stocks can sustain it. When you start thinking in these terms there isn’t really many places you’ll happily give out freely is there? Keep your thinking caps on when writing everybody.

This isn’t where we were but we drove past!


Brown trout

Now enter the world of salt water…

This trip was a little imprumtu. It involved one friend (Alex) deciding he was off on a salt water mission for a week with the primary goal to catch Sea Bass on the fly. Upon hearing this, Craig and myself thought it sounded great and were only too happy to join in albeit only for the one day. Unfortunately the bass didn’t play ball that day but there were plenty pollack to go around. Craig managed best of the day around 4lb but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this fish. I love a few things about salt water fishing (even for the lesser species in UK waters) – 1) the fish are stronger than their freshwater bretheren, 2) there’s a great mystery and new learning involved, 3) you get to some pretty cool places.


Deep water

Part two and better detailed reports to follow.

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