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I’ve fallen behind with my every day in May posts which is no surprise really but at least I do have some good excuses! Carrying on from my last post I gave a lesson on Saturday morning which went well, my client did a great job and was very fast to put my advice into practice. He came looking for a tune up and to improve his roll casting so over the course of the morning we developed his roll cast, polished up his overhead loops and also started double hauling. I’ve genuinely never seen anyone pick up double hauling so quickly and so such a high standard right from the get go. If you’re reading this Craig – great job!

After that it was back through to edinburgh for a night out and to see a band… there wasn’t any fishing after that! : )

On Tuesday I went to fish a river with my brother and unfortunately the pair of us caught sod all. The weather was fantastic though, over 20 degrees C and no wind. It was hard going with not many flies hatching. I’m not one for just fishing the water blindly, much rather preferring to target risers so when there is limited flies on the water there is limited scope for me to fish how I would like to. I did rise a fish late on in the day, a large rise to my fly and I pulled the fly straight from the fish’s mouth… oh well, it goes that way sometime! Better trip report from yesterday to follow.

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