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My posts have been delayed the past couple of days as I had my last exam yesterday followed by the evening celebrations and I can report that my body is still slightly worse for wear as I write this! My university career is now done unless I get the urge in the future to return and do a post-grad degree but at the moment that is not likely in the forseeable future. After my last exam I decided to nip out for a couple hours of fishing before the celebrations kicked in in big style. The weather was lousy but since I’m not able to fish this weekend due to other commitments I thought I’d go and see what was happening down on the water. A lot of friends have been out catching big fish whilst I’ve been slogging away with exams so I had a nagging thought at the back of my mind about not wanting to miss an opportunity at big fish.

With that guiding principle the car was packed and I set off with my brother to fish a river for a couple hours. The drive didn’t heighten expectations one bit, it just rained and rained and… ok you see where that is going! It wasn’t much better on the river either, it rained the entire time, our hands were freezing and the wind made casting to get a drag free drift a very difficult proposition. In saying all that there was a good hatch of olives and loads of trout only too happy to chomp them down! I missed the first fish, which was particularly annoying as it was a nice fish but hey ho it goes that way sometimes. I ended up with 4 fish, none of epic proportions but lovely fish all the same. All of them fell to a little brown deer hair emerger.



My biggest of the day:

Biggest of the day

Once again I was truly delighted using the wee 7′ #4 rod, it’s such a brilliant rod. I can’t explain why in any kind of objective manner – it just feels good and is so precise. Unfortunately my brother didn’t end up with any fish, he’s a relative beginner to fly fishing and although his casting is actually very good he struggled a bit to get a good drift. It really is the key to river fishing, if you don’t get a good drag free drift the fish just are not interested in your offering. Of course we could of stuck on streamers and belted them through but dry fly fishing is where the most fun is! I’m sure he’ll crack it soon though.

It turned out a really enjoyable few hours albeit we were absolutely freezing. Just goes to show you never know what it will be like unless you get out there and find out. I’ll hopefully be fishing again this coming week, probably fish quite a few days as the weather is looking good – I think the fishing could be fantastic at the start of the week actually, fingers crossed!

I’m giving a lesson in the morning so will report back on that tomorrow.

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