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In keeping with the theme of organisation but swinging this time from the cyber world to the real world, don’t you find organising and storing your fly fishing gear to be a right pain in the arse sometimes? This picture shows only some of my gear and admittedly it isn’t stored away it’s just piled up on a floor for quick selection on the way out the door on the next trip, this way I never temporarily lose anything – it’s always there or lost forever, it’s never just filed away in some place unbeknown to any living sole!


There are some cool suggestions I’ve stumbled across for storage solutions, perhaps my favourite being one of  Jim Williams’ ideas – fly rod storage. This sorts rod storage and multiple rod carrying for a boot of a car from example but what to do with fly lines, leaders, tippet spools, nets, bags, reels, fly boxes – all the time bearing in mind that they need to be stored somewhere within easy reach where nothing ever goes missing. And don’t even get me started on fly tying stuff…

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