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It occured to me that I’ve never posted about this important topic or ever read about it on other blogs. The big question is how do you manage other people’s blog posts and read them? Do you just skim every so often? Do you follow comments? Do you subscribe to some of your favourites etc? I’ve got links to a number of great blogs that I enjoy reading the content of but it was becoming a nightmare trying to keep track of things and I no doubt missed out on great material. I’ve found a solution though!


Google Reader is a tool that lets you subscribe to as many blogs as you want by simply entering the URL of the blog. It then collates all the blog posts from your subscriptions in an easy to use interface. It keeps track of posts you have read and those you haven’t. It supports all pictures etc from the posts too. I think it’s brilliant and I now never miss a beat from my favourite blogs. I have a wee bit of a back log just now due to spending more time studying than anything else but I’m really looking forward to getting through it all.

If you’re looking for something to help you keep track of posts then give it a go and if you know of a better tool out there then let me know please! And finally I get to make a shameless plug and ask you kindly to add me to your subscriptions ; ) I promise much more photography, fishing reports and videos soon. I’ve even dug out a film SLR that I’m looking forward to playing with.

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