It’s wet and windy…

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It’s getting closer to that moment that I’ve spoken lots about – the 17th of May. The day when I get as much free time as I want to go and fish and cast as much as I like. Unfortunately though between now and then I have a whole load of studying and an exam to complete and now even the weather has turned against me. The weather has been horrible today, very windy and the rain is skelping down now alright. Sods law will have it that the rivers will more than likely not be in best nick when my free time comes along. At least the blog posts will be better!

I’m planning to go through a few of the original suggestions from the every day in May page. Some of the topics will make very interesting posts I am sure.

I’ll leave this evening with a short video of the crumby weather!


  1. hi scott, In the same boat. i’m hoping the weather improves before the weekend ,me and brian have a caravan booked up north for two days, planning on doing rivers in the area, fingers crossed!

    • Hope it clears up for the pair of you! It’s looking like it’s going to improve but it’s been so topsy turvy you never really know do you? I saw your report from yesterday – another great day’s fishing!

    • Hope the weather turns around and holds out for you! It looks like it’s going to improve judging by local forecasts but it’s been so topsy turvy of late you never really know. I saw the report from yesterday – another great days fishing by the looks of things, even if Brian did forget his wading boots!

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