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So how do you manage your spaghetti? We all know fly lines are one of the most amazing contraptions on the planet for tying knots, they are better than any purpose made tool you can buy, they just do it, you don’t even need to ask them! The leader ties knots, the fly line sometimes ties knots, the runningline at your feet always ties knots and then there’s those times when you take a line off a reel but don’t spool it onto a spool or winder…. and well, you’ve guessed it by now – it sometimes ties a knot just to test your anger management.

I’ve got so many dam lines and at the moment I’m changing them so often that I can’t be bothered respooling them. It’s going to get worse too as I’m going to start making up more shooting heads. Seeing as I have the whole summer free ahead of me I should really get my distance casting game together, all aspects of it.

I should probably buy a line winder but my box is doing just dandy right now! : )

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