Making loops and shooting heads

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I know I missed yesterday’s post but I had to study for an exam and absolutely nothing interesting happened that I could take a photo of. Tonight I decided that as a post exam present I’d go out and make some loops and also mess around with some shooting heads. I can reliably inform you that a 30′ length of T-14 attached to 20lb amnesia running line will end up further away from you than you can comfortably see – it’s just insane! I was using an #8 weight, once I get my #9 built I’m sure it will be sweet on that too. Going to be a fantastic tool for hitting distance and getting deep in the salt.

The setup

I decided to take some photos of loops to fill up a bit of the blog today, the light was crap and it was late in the evening hence the rubbish quality but you get the idea. The first sequence is a bouncing bomb backcast as created by the 170 stroke, for more info on that check out Sexyloops. It’s a pretty useful tool for distance casting if you can get it working, I’m hit and miss with it right now but it looks so dam cool. The way you can rip the initial loop open… you can even see my line lying on the grass before the loop morphs tight and sucks up the rest of the line.












After messing around with the heavy outfits I switched over to the trout gear and set to work seeing how narrow a loop I could make without putting the loop on its side and changing the perspective. This sequence captures the narrowest loop I managed to get without tailing. You can see some waves starting to appear in the fly leg but it stays good!




Hope you enjoy the loops!


  1. Very cool post mate, you could try and get those loops a bit tighter.

    • Haha! We’ll work on it next week! Ever chucked heavy heads, not as heavy as that T38 bfcc thing but fishing heavy? It’s pretty cool, we need to spend some time messing around with them.

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