3rd of May

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Today’s photo is the study textbook I’ve just finished in preparation for my exam tomorrow. Bit of work still to go but it’s looking not too bad at the moment. And in other exciting news; the minute that exam finishes I’ll be heading off to meet Craig on his local river for a fish! First time I’ll have been fishing in weeks and a new river for me (I hope my guide is good – hope you’re reading Craig!!) Also going to try out a new rod I bought, a little 7′ #4 weight for the princely sum of £17! I’ll report back on it after hopefully giving it a suitable test with lots of eager trout rising to dries…

 I also realise these blog posts are dreadful, dire and just about any other similar word. Blame the guys at How Small a Trout for that! I really want to follow their guidelines but study is preventing me from it. I promise after the 17th there will be some good posts, until then – enjoy the rubbish : )



  1. good luck with the exam tomorrow Scott, i imagine your upcoming river trip will be a nice change of scene after all of that studying.

    keep up the daily posts by the way, ive enjoyed reading them, the orvis reel looks a peach, being a student can’t be that bad after all!

    • Thanks Brian! I can’t wait to get back on a river, I’m probably thinking more about rising trout than I am about my exam… I’ll certainly be keeping up the daily posts but I can’t promise they’ll be any good, I’m running out of ideas already. And the reel, even with a massive discount, has left my bank balance crying in pain right now!! Hopefully tomorrow’s update will have a nice big trout, one has to dream : )

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