Every day in May – check it out!

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This is a pretty cool idea by the guys over at How Small a Trout – make a new post every day in May. Sound simple? It’s not going to be easy I know that much but I sure bet it’s going to be fun! I’m in the middle of exams right now so if I have any truly awful posts then this is my excuse :D

It all kicks off tomorrow, are you going to join in?

 Every day in May

EDIT: So I’ve been thinking about this over the last 5 minutes and for starters I realised that it kicks off in two days time and not tomorrow (more study time!) and secondly I think I’m going to challenge myself to post a photo every day in May that captures something of what happened in the day or something that goes along with the blog post – should be interesting if it doesn’t turn out rubbish!!

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  1. Way to take the challenge! Best of luck!

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