Merry Christmas

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I haven’t made a post in a while mainly due to being stuck studying and sitting exams and having little time for anything else. Finally I can say they are all over, I have a bit more time and can finally start writing again.

Some things have happened since my last post which might be of interest… the GoPro HD Hero2 camera I spoke about has been purchased so some pretty radical fishing fishing and skiing videos should be coming shortly.

I got up skiing for opening weekend at Nevis Range, great snow for the time of year. I don’t have many photos from the day as the light was a bit flat but here is one or two of the trip. The snow cover up on the mountain was fantastic for early season, some absolutely great skiing once I shook off the summer legs.




That leads nicely into my next point; ski trip to Colorado departing on the 30th Dec for 11 days. Going to be a blast, got a good few friends out there I’m going to visit – you know who you are! Looking forward to it big time, will try and get some good footage on the new camera!

And last but not least Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! :)

All the best for 2012, see you on the other side so to speak.


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