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I’m currently couped up in the library with my head buried in a book, no wait, I’ve been distracted and I’m writing on the blog! You have to break up the monotony of study every so often or you would definitely drive yourself insane.

It’s a busy time for me at the moment; exams, study, casting lessons, planning next year – it’s all happening. Aside from my time in the library I’m currently planning some travels for next year hopefully with copious amounts of freshwater and salt water fly fishing chucked in for good measure. In fact, there definitely will be, enough said.

All I have done fishing related in the last week is given a fly casting lesson. I have noticed something in particular over the past few lessons with people and that is most are far too critical of themselves. The hardest thing for a beginner is knowing when they’ve done something right and instead they think it is all the same and get down about it. Amazing how something so simple has a massive effect on the quality of their casting after you boost their morale.

Anyway to try and spice up this post considering I have no fishing pictures, I thought I would pinch a few from friends. So without further a do here are some of Jack’s photos and some of Trev’s I’m not sure if Trev’s facebook album is public or not, I hope it is so you can see the pics! If not you’ll have to settle with Jack’s…. I’m hoping I could be back on the river with him in a year, fingers crossed.

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