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Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Fly Fishing, New Zealand | 0 comments

Finally uploaded two videos from late March and April. The fishing was with three of my good friends, Charley Will, Pete Williams and Taylor Stone. It was great to get back out after missing two months of the season with a broken foot – too bad late season is hard fishing…. (that’s me getting my excuse in early!)




I have a report still to write about my Aussie trip a month and a half ago, I have some footage of the shootout at the sexyloops meet to upload and I have a link to a fantastic fly fishing movie trailer to share with you. For now I need to go and get packing, I’m currently homeless and living in the attic of a friend’s flat for a week before I depart New Zealand and head home to Scotland. I really do hate packing! Anyway bear with me, next post could be from Dunedin, Auckland, Melbourne, Dubai or Glasgow…. we’ll see where I get an internet connection.

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