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That’s March nearly over and I haven’t seen a fish since mid February! My foot is out of the cast though and I am back walking once again. Yesterday I went out for my first casting practice session in what seems an age – I was pleasantly surprised at the results although as always work still to be done. Recently I’ve got some new tackle items – a Nautilus FWX reel, Sci Anglers Sharskin line and a 6# Sage TCX that is in transit. The reel is amazing quality, I’ll do a full write up soon and I’m impressed by the line. Always have like the utimate trout taper in the sharkskin coating but never wanted to pay for it – this time it came free with the reel!

Since I haven’t been fishing I have had a bit of time to edit some videos I have been planning. I filmed a good bit of my fishing over December and January and finally have some finished video to have to show for it! So without further ado here are the videos:

Fly Fishing New Zealand – December 2010

Fly Fishing New Zealand – January 2011

I’m planning a big trip at the end of April over the Easter break, hopefully meeting up with Jack again. Next weekend will hopefully yield another trout trip too – hope the weather holds out as it is apalling just now! Mid-May will see me head over to Australia for the Sexyloops meet Give me a message if you are going to be there, would be great to meet! Going to be over there for 10 days so hoping to get in some salt water fly fishing – which at the moment still a mystery area for me.

That’s about it for now, hopefully get out shortly with my repaired foot and find some trout again, it’s been too long.


  1. It will great to catch in Melbourne Scott, what workshop are you going to give? Paul has asked a few of us here to run one as well and we dont want to double up.

    Cheers Boydo.

    • Yeah I’m really looking forward to it! I don’t know if I’m doing a demo…. probably not, well at least I hope not! haha. See you in about a month, make sure the weather is nice please! :)


      • Will try and organise the weather mate, no promises. Bring your casting arm and drinking shoes and all will be well.


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