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Two weekends ago I broke my foot on a slightly alcohol fueled day in Queenstown. Originally the prognosis was it should be a quick fix, all that was needed was a stiff soled shoe and a bit of care when walking. So of course the first I did was go fishing! I was meeting up with Alex and Fred from the Wild Fishing Forum – I knew Alex as we regularly meet at the Glasgow Casting Club but it was the first time I had met Fred. A thoroughly decent chap, we talked a whole load of fishing, total pish, and some more fishing and drank a good few beers in the process.

The fishing was nothing to write home about, we were fishing the rivers very soon after some major spate conditions. The first day I picked up a small fish and lost two a bit bigger. Alex and Fred faired very similarly. The following day I blanked but I was acting partly as their guide as I knew the water – Fred and Alex managed one a piece, nice browns at 3 3/4lb and 4 3/4lb respectively both to a dry caddis pattern. That was as much fishing as I managed as I received a phonecall from the fracture clinic to tell me another doctor had looked at my xray and was not happy about the treatment prescribed. I was advised that the foot was going to need a cast – so that’s my current situation. I’m limited where I can walk – my street is about that limit just now! Crutches are fair tiring to move about on, it’s only for another 3 and a half weeks though so hopefully time will fly by!

To add insult to injury (good pun!) Alex and Fred were out fishing a remote mountain stream the day I headed for home to be put back together. They had some fantastic dry fly fishing nailing a 6 1/4lb and an 11lb brown – magnificent fish.

I’ll get some photos of the trip up shortly, just need to get them all sorted out and off the camera.

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