Where does time go?

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It’s a difficult question to answer, when you think back to the last time you did something that you wanted to write about and then you think how long ago it actually was, you sometimes get a fright! My life has been pretty hectic over the past month with univeristy exams, travelling and moving flat. So much so that I complete forgot that the world on the internet existed. Ok, that is not entirely true but I really just didn’t have the time.

Around a month and a half ago Dave and I got onto some real nice fish, lovely conditioned browns caught by stalking and ambushing them along the lake edge. I totalled three for the day and missed a couple more, Dave managed one a missed a few too – a great day out all in all!




I’ve only managed out fishing two more times since that day, both were to a local river and yielded exactly the same result, 2 fish around 1.5lb. I did see the biggest mayfly hatches I have seen here in NZ mind you, can only be a good omen for the forthcoming months!

taieri trout

My new flat, as well as being a bit nicer in terms of space, just outside my door is a nice long patch of grass for my casting practice! I’ve been here 5 months and only practiced my casting once due to space restrictions and other commitments, now my practice is going to kick up a gear back to what it was like, maybe better!

And finally some exciting news, I’m leaving tomorrow for a backcountry trip with Steffen, a member from the Sexyloops Board Going to be fishing for 4 days or so, hopefully get into some nice backcountry trout. Regardless, I know the scenery is going to be stunning! Hope to also meet up with George Forster from the board too. I’m excited for the trip, shall report back on how it goes!

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