Posts made in December, 2010

Did Someone Ask For Fish?

Posted by on Dec 24, 2010 in Fly Fishing, New Zealand | 0 comments

I have just returned from a fantastic week’s fishing. Whilst in the UK, in December one doesn’t ever get the chance to stand in a river when the air temperature is mid twenties, the sun is high in the sky, fish are spottable and they are feeding! I do love New Zealand! My first night saw me on a small spring creek that Alex recommended to me, unfortunately I arrived in fading light which made spotting really difficult but spooking exceptionally easy. In fact I would say I totally excelled at it actually! My first impression was that the creek gets fished A LOT purely because of...

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A First Meeting

Posted by on Dec 24, 2010 in Fly Fishing, New Zealand | 2 comments

A fortnight ago I met with Steffen from Sexyloops where we had planned to fish a remotely accessed river on the West Coast. Before I get to that though, I should start things off with my very short trip to a river on route to meeting Steffen. I stopped at a pool near the road for a look since I was passing, it would have been silly not too! I soon spotted a couple of trout taking nymphs just off the side of some willow roots. I decided to watch for a wee while and just as darkness started to roll in, they moved out to the middle of the stream and started gulping down the flies coming down....

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Where does time go?

Posted by on Dec 3, 2010 in Fly Fishing, New Zealand | 0 comments

It’s a difficult question to answer, when you think back to the last time you did something that you wanted to write about and then you think how long ago it actually was, you sometimes get a fright! My life has been pretty hectic over the past month with univeristy exams, travelling and moving flat. So much so that I complete forgot that the world on the internet existed. Ok, that is not entirely true but I really just didn’t have the time. Around a month and a half ago Dave and I got onto some real nice fish, lovely conditioned browns caught by stalking and ambushing them along...

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