Posts made in October, 2010

The Rural/Urban Conumdrum

Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Fly Fishing, New Zealand | 0 comments

Last week saw a day trip to a medium sized tributory of a large river in Otago. I set off around noon with Isaac and Dave with the plan being to explore a new area and catch some trout. We achieved both of those goals but it wasn’t exactly spectacular. At first we were greeted with rather fine weather, sun high in the sky and little in the way of wind. Naturally by the time we tackled up there was a gale blowing! Branches being blown off trees, water leaving the surface of the river….. this all made for a pleasant experience (he says tongue firmly in cheek)! We managed to spook a...

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A Tale of Two Halves

Posted by on Oct 7, 2010 in Fly Fishing, New Zealand | 0 comments

And so begins the Tale of Two Halves; although strictly speaking this is not a tale of two halves but rather a tale of three halves or three thirds for those a bit more pedantic about the mathematical situation! The opening of the New Zealand trout season came and went on Friday 1st October, and whilst I had caught numerous 8lbers that day I felt I couldn’t really count these in my books as I had dreamt them all. Opening day saw me indoors, unable to get out on the rivers which just so happens not to have been a terrible situation given a lot of rivers were still high and carrying a bit...

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