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Well ok I am way behind on the blog updates but nothing has changed, I’m consistent at least! My excuse is I have been fishing a lot and having/attending parties – a reasonable set of excuses I feel! I fished the river twice last week, both times in very low water and completely new water to me. It was great both times, the first I only managed the one small fish but lost loads including a nice fish over a pound. Second time around I picked up a couple during the day on one of my flexifloss bodied klinks, nothing spectacular but again missed a nice fish when it got dark. Jim of PaleWatery.com , who I was fishing with caught a stonker late on in the day, just before total darkness, a lovely 20” trout.

As darkness fell, another big fish came to my fly, made a fair bit of disturbance on the water but I followed the trend on the river this week and missed it! It was a great couple days out though, hard going but thoroughly enjoyable!

Last night I decided to head to another local(ish) water that is known to me as holding trout but I had never really though about fishing it, probably just bandies…. How wrong was I?! I ventured up with my brother, arriving around 9pm, a flat calm with fish rising all over, just sips and more importantly just the way I like it! There were tons of caenis in the air and naturally I feared the worst, I spent ages with a tiny spinner pattern and then dun patterns etc just getting no where. A cold wind decided to sweep across the water and everything seemed to stop so I went around to meet my brother to find he’d missed a couple on one of my deer hair emergers Ahhh…. why hadn’t I tried emergers?! We sat and watched for a while and around 10.30pm the wind died, the flat calm returned and the fish started moving, things turned quite successful. Two casts and two fish for me, the second caused a whole host of problems once landed, a tangled leader a hook to the gill and the result of having to despatch it. It made lovely eating though, nicest trout I have eaten! That was it as far as fishing went, things slowed down as darkness crept further. As it got dark the massive sedges that had been hatching all night started getting hammered, some serious rises that gave away the fact there are some dam big fish in this small loch! Loads of fish around the pound mark were seen and the odd one a good bit bigger, it bodes well for future visits, going to try and fish it a good bit this week. Warm days forecast so the evenings should hopefully fish well. Will try and wrangle out one of these biggies!

Here’s a wee taster of the smaller one I took home:

The other excitement is the fact that I am moving to New Zealand for a year, I’m leaving in 11 days time! I now need to try and balance preparing to go with cramming as much Scottish fishing as possible!

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