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I haven’t posted in a while because my time for the past two weeks has been spent 3 days on a fishing trip, followed by sleep, then work for a week, followed by sleep, then fishing, followed by sleep, then work, sleep, fishing, sleep – I think you see the pattern! I have been physically exhausted!

I spent 3 days fishing in Argyll after the pike day on the canal and had a great start to my trout fishing this season, loads of fish landed, nothing terribly big but great fun all the same. Took most of the fish on small deer hair emergers.

I then had a day at a loch that I’m afraid I cannot give the location or name of, it was a blank but a lovely location and I look forward to getting back on a day with better weather and a warmer wind!

Last Sunday I fished a few lochs and a river and had a similar result, a good brace of fish, nothing big amongst them but a nice size for wild trout all the same.

Yesterday I decided to investigate a water close to my house in the central belt with the thought of trying to find the elusive wild trout water that is free from rainbows. I thought I had hit the jackpot when I arrived to see loads of rising fish, in fact I had! My brother and I fished for 30 mins or so without a sniff on emergers, the fish were on the fin just below the surface but were not interested at all. Suddenly a huge hatch of caenis appeared in front of our faces, these tiny wee flies of the mayfly family had the fish going nuts and driving us nuts too! The plan was a size 20 griffiths gnat cast just in front of cruising fish. I eventually managed to hook one and that is when we realised the rising fish were Rudd, a new first for me and first coarse fish landed on a fly! I do believe there are trout in this water and obviously a lot of Rudd and potentially Roach too. There are also pike and that seems to be what most visitors to this water fish for, don’t know what they are missing!

We went back again tonight but were greeted by a cold easterly wind that didn’t ease up until dark. Still a lot of fish hoovering up the spent caenis spinners and not interested at all in our attempts to imitate! I also saw the odd mayfly spinner which was interesting, huge flies! A number of very large sedges on the water too but of no interest to the fish – they were left to skate around the surface.

I have plans to head up North to try and find some good mayfly fishing on some trout lochs, hopefully manage to get away in the next week or two. I’ve got lots of grand plans for fishing before I head off to New Zealand in 3 and half weeks time!

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