Fishing at Last!

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I was teaching a client yesterday morning and I felt that since I was already out, afterwards was a very good opportunity to get my first half decent days fishing done this season! I had the notion of trying to tempt some perch on the fly in the canal – the canal in only a few hundred metres away from where I was teaching.

I had tied up a makeshift lure before leaving in the morning, a red tag tail, lead underbody, big dumbell eyes and a matuka style hackled wing/tail. I thought it would have a good chance of success…… I ventured along to the canal with a #5 weight rod, #6 weight line with fast sinking polyleader and this size 6 weighted lure – some may argue outgunning the #5 weight! I’m glad to be able to report back that the rod handled this without any problems at all, in fact with a simple Belgian cast it was almost enjoyable swinging such a heavy fly around! The rod was my new Loop Evotec 9′ #5 fast, I’m quite impressed with it so far. I tried all my various lines on it yesterday before fishing, the Rio Gold #5 teamed up with the rod is just such a perfect combination! I will be posting a review on the rod in due course once I have fished a bit more extensively with it.

Back to the fishing – I sauntered down to the canal where a few people were sitting out in the marina on the other bank. Second cast and I was into a fish, check this out I was thinking to myself! Turned out to be a nice jack pike, not what I was after but absolutely great to connect with a fish on the first day out – it’s been a while since I last fished! Unfortunately since I was using 3x copolymer tippet he bit through it just as I got him into the bank…….. I knew it was a risk but had kind of hoped for perch rather than pike. Oh well, my fly did the business, I connected with a fish and the new rod was great fun, a #5 connected to a pike is good fun! I did come back later with a more appropriate tippet but alas no more fish – I was stuck with some crappy shot bought unweighted lures, maybe that was the reason, who knows?!

Hopefully should be away fishing this weekend and next after some trout, hopefully will be able to report back on the fishing and how the rod gets on. For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of the Mad Dash Lure (named since it was tied in a couple minutes as I was running out the door!)

The Mighty 'Mad Dash Lure'

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