A Thursday Update

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I have actually noticed that since we are an hour and a half past midnight it is infact Friday but as far as this post goes, we are talking about Thursday!

Tonight saw another meeting of the Glasgow Casting Club and as usual there were a good number of beginners along as well as the regulars, which was all the more encouraging since tonight’s weather was a bit dreich to say the least! Rain, clouds and a bit of a breeze!

I spent the first hour or so teaching a young lad that I have been working with for the past couple weeks – his casting is really coming along! Tonight we worked on developing a much greater smoothness to his cast, taking out the power and developing an appropriate stroke length for the length of line being cast. The results spoke for themselves, after the hour his cast was almost unrecognisable from earlier in the night – much better! It’s great seeing someone develop and improve due to your teaching, it really is incredibly satisfying! It makes all the blood, sweat and tears in the lead up to the instructor’s assessment all the more worth while!

If you are around the Glasgow area and interested in improving your casting or having it looked at by qualified instructors, come along to the Glasgow Casting Club – Knightswood Pond, Archerhill Road, Glasgow. 7pm is a safe time to come along at – hope to see you there!

You won’t be doing this anymore!

You won't be doing this anymore!

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