3 Down, 1 to Go!

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It’s getting nearer……. that sound of silence broken only by birds overhead or rising trout! That’s 3 exams done and out of the way, one last one left to go in four days time. Roll on the fishing after monday! I cannot wait – I’ve been waiting to go fishing since the start of the season!

Hopefully the weather will become a bit more settled and will warm up a bit, the last few days have seen minus temperatures in places here in mid May!

I received two new rods yesterday, two models of the new Loop Evotec series – they will be getting a thorough testing tomorrow evening at the Glasgow Casting Club, anyone is welcome with instruction on offer and demonstrations all for the whopping cost of £1 for the entire evening! 6.30 for 7pm at Knightswood pond in Glasgow. Hope to see you there!

Not long till some of this!

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