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Things have been pretty boring over the past while as can be seen my the amount of recent posts! I’m on study duty, I have exams coming up, starting in 3 days time and as such I haven’t been out fishing! Full time study – yes it’s been that exciting!

I did manage down to the Tweed Angling Fair at Kelso which was good fun, managed to try out the new Loop Evotec rods. I originally went to trial the rods and ended up spending an hour or two with Thomas Berggren, head designer at Loop. A fascinating insight into the company and some very interesting line prototypes in the works – all I can say is keep your eyes peeled on their lines! Not to mention the already outstanding Loop lines on the market, the Opti Stillwater is an absolute gem! The new Evotec rod is a lovely rod too, I have ended up purchasing the 9′ #5 fast model and the 9′ #4 medium fast model. I will post a detailed review once I have used them for a while!

On the casting club front, there has been talk of the Glasgow Casting Club becoming affiliated with the The British Fly Casting Club (BFCC) so in the future you could be taking part in BFCC events in Scotland. My time at the casting club has been spent teaching beginners recently, over the past two weeks I have had 4 beginners – they are all now progressing nicely and some are making very impressive progress. I would say that afterall though! Most members of the club are now casting very well indeed, there was a group this evening concentrating on double hauling, one group on double handed techniques, myself and 2 other instructors giving one-to-one to beginners.

After the teaching was done and dusted I headed up away from the pond to the field and got the tape out. It’s time to get into #5 weight distance casting, sorted the rod with the Scientific Anglers MED (long belly WF) and started casting. Third or fourth cast hit 108′ with bolt straight turnover, new PB for me! Very happy chappy I was after that. Things went downhill afterwards right enough but I am going up to see Ben Dixon about the distance work and a bit of tuition on the long distance side of things should set me up just nicely.

As you can see on the fishing front things have been dire for me, I haven’t been out! I’ve managed to get to the Glasgow Casting Club for an hour or two and that’s been the fishing fix! Oh well only 10 days until my exams are over and I can go fishing full time. Trout bum? Yes please!

As always if you are looking for fly casting and fly fishing tuition around the central Scotland area feel free to drop me an email (contact via website) and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The Glasgow Casting Club is an ideal place as an introduction to fly casting and a great friendly environment to come along to. Knightswood boating pond, Glasgow.

Don’t forget private tuition is also available, please email me or phone me with any questions!

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