Posts made in May, 2010

Fishing at Last!

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I was teaching a client yesterday morning and I felt that since I was already out, afterwards was a very good opportunity to get my first half decent days fishing done this season! I had the notion of trying to tempt some perch on the fly in the canal – the canal in only a few hundred metres away from where I was teaching. I had tied up a makeshift lure before leaving in the morning, a red tag tail, lead underbody, big dumbell eyes and a matuka style hackled wing/tail. I thought it would have a good chance of success…… I ventured along to the canal with a #5 weight rod, #6...

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A Thursday Update

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I have actually noticed that since we are an hour and a half past midnight it is infact Friday but as far as this post goes, we are talking about Thursday! Tonight saw another meeting of the Glasgow Casting Club and as usual there were a good number of beginners along as well as the regulars, which was all the more encouraging since tonight’s weather was a bit dreich to say the least! Rain, clouds and a bit of a breeze! I spent the first hour or so teaching a young lad that I have been working with for the past couple weeks – his casting is really coming along! Tonight we worked...

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3 Down, 1 to Go!

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It’s getting nearer……. that sound of silence broken only by birds overhead or rising trout! That’s 3 exams done and out of the way, one last one left to go in four days time. Roll on the fishing after monday! I cannot wait – I’ve been waiting to go fishing since the start of the season! Hopefully the weather will become a bit more settled and will warm up a bit, the last few days have seen minus temperatures in places here in mid May! I received two new rods yesterday, two models of the new Loop Evotec series – they will be getting a thorough testing...

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One down 3 to Go!

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That’s one exam down today, went quite well actually so that’s just 3 more to go before I can go fishing! Next one is tomorrow, then again on Wednesday with the final one next Monday. I look forward to the fishing on the other side of these exams!

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Things have been pretty boring over the past while as can be seen my the amount of recent posts! I’m on study duty, I have exams coming up, starting in 3 days time and as such I haven’t been out fishing! Full time study – yes it’s been that exciting! I did manage down to the Tweed Angling Fair at Kelso which was good fun, managed to try out the new Loop Evotec rods. I originally went to trial the rods and ended up spending an hour or two with Thomas Berggren, head designer at Loop. A fascinating insight into the company and some very interesting line prototypes in the...

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