Ugly Flies!

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Thought I’d make my first post on fly tying, so far my fly tying endeavours have been on big, deer hair or foam patterns, mainly because those materials I have absolute masses of! Turk’s Tarantula, Madam X, Hedgehogs and Deer Hair Sedges to name a few. Thing is, I now need to be tying up more imitative patterns for the rivers and for my forthcoming trip to New Zealand – will be heading there for a year starting in June!

I’ve got a whole host of materials ordered and a load arrived today but I’m still waiting on the capes and hundreds of hooks. The hooks are coming from Poland and for anyone who’s interested, Tiemco hooks are cheaper to import from Poland than they are to buy in the UK!

Here’s a wee taster of an ugly fly!

Chernobyl Ant

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