A Fruitless Week

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Unfortunately as the title suggests, it has been a bit of a fruitless week. A short trip fishing on Thursday 25th to a local burn – the North Calder provided no fish. It was good to get out fishing again though and it let me tick it off the list of those mysteries that had yet to be investigated. It’s been pretty cold and I haven’t heard of many fish being caught anywhere so far this season.

Went along to the casting club today, one new face, a friendly Italian chap who had decided fly fishing was something he really wished to do. Alex, one of the other instructors, spent most of the morning with him and certainly got him on his way. I spent some time with Vicky trying to develop her overhead cast but the wind was not playing ball! The wind today was quite horrendous actually – we retired to play with the double handed rods. I was given a shot and quite a length of time with Jim’s Guideline 15’er, with the Rio AFS kit on it it was fleeing out. Lot of work to do mind you, still have a tendency to push with my top hand which leads in from my single handed casting style. Need to work on doing far more work with my bottom hand during the stroke.

Afterwards Alex and I put out some hoops and cones and played with accuracy and aerial mends in amongst the gales. To say it was challenging doesn’t really sum it up.

Don’t know what’s in store for me next week, it’s looking pretty grim and very cold weatherwise so probably no fishing!

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