A Much Needed Update

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It’s been quite a length of time since I last posted here. My excuse is I was incredibly busy, work and practice schedules never seem to leave you with any free time!

My last post was about me having a lesson with Andrew Toft on single handed spey casting and the subsequent practice. That lead into more blood sweat and tears on the practice front, I was out at least twice a day, one session on the river and one in the park! At the same time in the evenings I was answering questions to help develop my knowledge on Sexyloops and not to mention my other work, suffice to say that I was done in!

However, Friday 12th March saw me down on the banks of the River Tweed at the Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) assessment day where I passed my Game Angling Instructors Certificate (GAIC) assessment in single handed casting. I returned to the Tweed on the Saturday to attend the Continual Personal and Professional Development day which was thoroughly enjoyable. Did some APGAI (Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor) workshops, that is the next and highest level in the organisation and something I am aiming towards. Also managed to sneak in some tuition with the double handed salmon rod, that was quite an experience and again something thoroughly enjoyed!

This Sunday saw my first trip along to the Glasgow Casting Club as a qualified instructor and was very nice to be greeted with my first pupil. A member from The Wild Fishing Forum, Dave, travelled all the way from fife to the casting club! He had originally asked to try out a selection of rods so both myself and another member brought him a few to try and afterward I helped him along with his casting. I was pleasantly surprised at the progress Dave made, instilling some confidence in me and also appreciating the fact that he was a fast learner! Myself, Dave and Alan (another instructor from the casting club) then went to a more sheltered location and gave Dave some more tuition. All in all it was a great day, I think Dave left very happy and I left thoroughly done in from a long, non stop weekend! Result! Here goes the recovery!

If anybody is looking for fly casting tuition please do not hesitate to get in touch via email. I am currently in the process of building a new website that will have more contact details in the future. Or come along to the Glasgow Casting Club on a Sunday morning 10-12. Knightswood Pond, Archerhill road, Glasgow.

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