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Ugly Flies!

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Thought I’d make my first post on fly tying, so far my fly tying endeavours have been on big, deer hair or foam patterns, mainly because those materials I have absolute masses of! Turk’s Tarantula, Madam X, Hedgehogs and Deer Hair Sedges to name a few. Thing is, I now need to be tying up more imitative patterns for the rivers and for my forthcoming trip to New Zealand – will be heading there for a year starting in June! I’ve got a whole host of materials ordered and a load arrived today but I’m still waiting on the capes and hundreds of hooks. The hooks are...

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A Fruitless Week

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Unfortunately as the title suggests, it has been a bit of a fruitless week. A short trip fishing on Thursday 25th to a local burn – the North Calder provided no fish. It was good to get out fishing again though and it let me tick it off the list of those mysteries that had yet to be investigated. It’s been pretty cold and I haven’t heard of many fish being caught anywhere so far this season. Went along to the casting club today, one new face, a friendly Italian chap who had decided fly fishing was something he really wished to do. Alex, one of the other instructors, spent...

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Itching To Get Going

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The brown trout opened one whole week ago here in Scotland and I’ve yet to get the rod tackled up and out on some wild waters! The weather has started to warm up a bit and I’ve got one more big piece of work this week (for Wednesday) and then I’m free to get out and chase those trouts! Weather forecast is a bit variable for the end of the week just now but hopefully a nice warm, overcast day with not too strong winds will be the order of the day. That just leaves me whether I choose a nice wee loch I have my mind on or whether I go for a local burn that I have never fished....

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Fly Casting Tuition Glasgow

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My new website is up and live! My website has much more information about my fly casting tuition than this blog does. The website is a way for me to detail what I offer and how to contact me. If you are looking for fly casting tuition or instruction around the Glasgow area or further afield for that matter, please have a look at the website and contact me with any enquiries! Click on image below to visit the website!

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Loop CLWC 2-6 Fly Reel Review

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I’ve been using this reel for a few months now and so far I don’t have a bad word to say about it! It may be an acquired taste – the fact it is clear plastic but it looks much better in the flesh than it does on the internet! The main attraction for me was the weight, it comes in at only 100g and is marketed as being incredibly robust. It’s certainly had a few impacts so far and not a scratch of bent spool as seems to happen all too often with die cast reels. I also managed to get it in a sale at £51 – great value for money IMO. The spool itself is a wide arbor,...

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