Practice, Practice, Practice

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The last few days have seen me down the park practicing accuracy. I read an article by Bruce Richards on fun ways to practice and he uses multiple paper plates as targets in different locations and patterns. I just used a backpack, rod case and reel cases as targets. You then just start with the fly in your hand each time and cast to the targets. I cast at all targets and then moved to a different spot and did the same again. It really helps honing distance judgements and the aim itself. I’m certainly having fun with this practice.

I’ve been asking the guys on sexyloops to help test my knowledge, learn and prepare for the questions I am likely to be asked in my casting assessment. I”ve realised I need to be much more open minded and think through things for all applications.

I’m meeting Andrew Toft on Saturday to go over the syllabus, prepare with questions and to go over a few fine points of my casting. Should be a good day.

That’s the story for now and I imagine things will be pretty much the same over the coming days, just practice and research! That’s the way things are for now!

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