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I’ve been looking for a new rod for quite some time and I have tried a fair old selection of them. The rod of choice I was looking for was a 9′ #5 with a fast action. After trying a fair selection the choice was narrowed down to the Sage TCR and Orvis Helios both of which are cracking rods but the Orvis just edged it in the terms of fish-a-bility. In terms of sheer casting performance, the TCR is quite the rod but it’s just a ┬ábit too much work for fishing situations in my opinion.

Orvis have introduced a new rod to their current line up, it’s called the Hydros. Basically it is the same blank at the Helios but with cheaper guides and reelseat, oh yeah and a $200 less price tag! So I bought one! Cracking deal from the US, they’re not on sale in mass terms in the UK yet although certain Orvis shops seem to have a few in their stores. A review and comparison between the Orvis Helios and Orvis Hydros will be forthcoming in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

The second purchase goes hand in hand with the new rod and as you may have guessed, it was a new reel. A Loop Evotec CLWC, that’s the clear plastic job! Anyone having doubts about plastic then this reel will turn your mind! Very sturdy, super lightweight and great drag. Again a more detailed review will be appearing in the review section soon.

Hopefully spending can be curtailed for a while, it gets compulsive buying new fly fishing gear. It’s great and awful at the same time!

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